The Skin Reset | Skin Microbiome Skincare | Skin Solution for Sensitive Skin

Collection: The Skin Reset | Skin Microbiome Skincare | Skin Solution for Sensitive Skin

Our bodies are fine tuned. Our skin is responsive. If you are someone whose skin reacts fast and is slow to calm down, we would say you have sensitive skin. 

The SKIN RESET | Microbiome Care skincare bundle is your friend. Soothing and Calming. The skincare solution to sensitive skin. 

We just work with your skin-  barrier,  microbiome, hydrate. Replenishing and nurturing with specific tools your skin needs like prebiotics and squalane. 

The Skin Reset Programme | Skin Microbiome Skincare 

Questions and Answers

1. When will I notice improvement from THE SKIN RESET | Skin Microbiome Care programme?

Most people start noticing improvement on Day 1, their skin feels refreshed and hydrated. 

2. How long does THE SKIN RESET | Skin Microbiome Skin Care Programme take?

We recommend four weeks on the programme, but some people choose to stay on this programme for much longer as they love the benefits and the simpleness of this skin regimen. Because it works with your unique microbiome, just listen to your skin and if it loving it, keep going.

3. Will my skin get worse before it gets better on THE SKIN RESET | Skin Microbiome Skin Care Programme?

No, you should only notice gentle improvement. 

4. What improvements should I notice on THE SKIN RESET | Skin Microbiome Skin Care Programme? 

The programme works on hydration, barrier care and microbiome care.

The improvements in appearance you can expect is

 smoother skin

moisturised skin

reduction in pore size

less oily

skin tone purified

soothed skin

glowing skin

improved texture

less fine lines

Who is THE SKIN RESET | Microbiome Care Skincare Programme suitable for?

The products we use are suitable for all ages, gentle and plant based enriched with prebiotics, they are safe to use on the youngest skin and can be used in pregnancy.

If you have a skin condition that requires prescription skincare, just reach out to us at theSkinBiotic® on our info line and speak with one of our skin advisers. They are pharmacists with a specific interest in skincare and microbiome skincare experts, we can check and advise how to get the best out of the programme for you.

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