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Restore your skin's natural balance and get smoother, softer, calmer looking skin. Enriched with prebiotics.

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 Prebiotic Restore Face Serum | Facial Microbiome Skincare
 Prebiotic Restore Face Serum | Facial Microbiome Skincare
Calming  Face Oil Cleanser with Microbiome and Barrier Care
Prebiotic Bakuchiol Stoechiol Skincare Facial Oil
Calming  Face Oil Cleanser with Microbiome and Barrier Care
Prebiotic Duo Powerhouse Skincare Products
 Prebiotic Restore Face Serum | Facial Microbiome Skincare
Calming  Face Oil Cleanser with Microbiome and Barrier Care
 Prebiotic Restore Face Serum | Facial Microbiome Skincare

It's one of the first products I have ever used where I can see a noticeable difference in my skin.

I’ve been using the PREBIOTIC Minimal Facial Oil for a few weeks now and can already see results. I have had a reduction in redness on my nose and cheeks but most noticeable are the little veins reducing from years of sun damage! I have had a rather large one come out on my nose and it is fading! I was thinking I would have to have a procedure to get this fixed but I’ll keep consistently using this facial oil! It’s one of the first products I have ever used where I can see a noticeable difference in my skin. It will be slotting into my routine forever! I’m excited to see what it can do over the long term for my oiliness and dehydration.

Jamie, Age 37 , Victoria

The only thing that helped!!

I’m honestly so grateful I found this product. I spoke with Michelle, the founder of this healing wonder, about my chronic situation of redness, peeling and irritation on my hands due to overworking them at my florist. She recommended applying this product liberally over my hands as much as I could on a daily basis and also paired it with using gloves to protect my hands from work abrasions, as well as taking a probiotic for skin health daily. And my situation started clearing up within weeks. And within months flare ups went from chronic to occasional. I’m almost one year on and I hardly have a problem. If my redness, flakiness and irritation flares up I apply this oil generously and wait for it to do its wonders. I couldn’t recommend this product enough. It saved my hands. Thank you !

There is some pretty profound differences in the appearance of my skin after using this and the night oil for almost a year. I used to get monthly acne breakouts religiously the pimples would come from nowhere, take ages to heal and leave a scars pigmentation. After 6 weeks they stopped arriving so definitely decreased appearance of pesky old girl pimples. I haven't had a breakout for over 10 months. I have no more dry patches , my skin is so soft and my pigmentation, which actually wasn't that bad but is gone so my skintone is even.

Jess, NSW. Age 50..


I love this product ! It is the perfect combination for my skin routine and leaves my skin actually feeling hydrated and not dried out like most cleansers do . This is now part of my routine and I love it

Tonaya, Melbourne Victoria.

I absolutely love this product!!! Chelle is so helpful!

Reina, Victoria.

I absolutely love this product!!! Chelle is so helpful!



Lovely face oil

Barbara, Tasmania.

FANTASTIC .Amazing products! Amazing service !

Julie P Newport NSW

Leaves my skin feeling clean yet still moisturised.

Julie P. Newport NSW. Australia.

Highly Recommended.

Delmelza M. Black Forest. SA. Australia

Such a wonderful product !

I have only being using the Prebiotic Restore Minimal Facial Serum for a short period of time but already I have noticed such a difference! So far it has started helping with redness and evening out texture . I also really like that it only contains the ingredients that the skin needs which is good since I have such sensitive skin. Also compared to other face oils I've tried it's so light and wearable for everyday without being heavy at all. Love this product and will continue to see how it helps my skin.

Emily H. Newport NSW Australia

Highly recommended!

I am getting to the age where I need to pay more attention to, and look after, my ageing skin. My major skin concerns are pigmentation, and dermatitis on my eyelids. I have absolutely loved this serum as it has hydrated my skin in a way that no cream before it has ever even come close to doing. Australian owned and formulated, all-natural clean ingredients, affordable equals a big tick from me

Sophie, Manly, NSW.

Highly recommended!

As someone with eyelid dermatitis, this is by far the best cleanser I have experienced. It was very gentle, while still removing light makeup. My skin doesn't react, feeling hydrated and fresh after - unlike some cleansers that leave a tight and dry feel after rinsing. I will be stocking up on this product from now on!

Sarah, Mascot . NSW.


This was my first time using an oil serum and I was very happy with how my skin felt after application! I have very sensitive eye lids and this was gentle enough to be used on it.

Sarah, Mascot. NSW

Prebiotic Calm Skincare Range | Nourish and Calm

  •  Prebiotic Restore Face Serum | Facial Microbiome Skincare

    For Face

    Do you keep getting dry, irritated or inflamed patches on your skin that come from what seems like nowhere and at the most inappropriate times?

    Do you think you have "terrible"skin and are sick of buying products that don't seem to make any difference and what's worse can just flare you up again.

    Our products do more, microbiome skincare with prebiotics, superior hydration and skin barrier care, it's about skin wellness. Not a distant memory but just around the corner.

    Our formula helps to restore and protect your skin microbiome. It also helps to strengthen the skin barrier, reduce sensitivity and reactivity, and keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant.

    The Best Prebiotic Product for Inflammed and Irritated Skin on the Face
  • theSkinBiotic® Prebiotic Hand Treatment Serum for dry skin on  hands

    For Hands

    Sometimes our hands are not happy and thats not ok.

    Are your hands flaky, red and dry. The creams you are using are soothing for about half an hour but tomorrow you need to start again. And honestly it just keeps coming back.

    Your hands need soothing. We show your skin barrier and skin microbiome some love. Maintaining these two, means your skin has the tools it needs to get well.

    Hydration and smoothness that stays.

    We simply follow the science and knowing your skin wants to be happy.

    What's more, we have been there, we know.

    Prebiotic skincare it is simply better.

    The Best Prebiotic Product for Inflamed and Irritated Skin on the Hands
  • theSkinBiotic® Prebiotic Skin Rescue Serum

    For Body

    Sometimes a dry, stubborn patch comes up anywhere, behind your knees, on your arm, on the back of your neck.

    Hydration, skin microbiome care and skin barrier care.

    Maintaining what your skin needs.

    Makes it happy .

    Healthy looking skin starts with your skin microbiome.

    With a combination of natural, prebiotic ingredients, you can restore your skin's natural balance and get smoother, softer, calmer looking skin.

    We are Australia's microbiome skincare experts setting a new higher standard of skincare.

    Shop Prebiotic Skin Rescue Serum

Unlock your Skin Microbiome's True Potential

We understand sensitive skin, when even the smallest thing can set your skin into a spiral of flare.

Until your skin microbiome and skin barrier are working well, then traditional skincare, no matter what the ingredient, is just not as effective. And in some people can actually make their skin irritated, repetitively dry, chronically oily or break out.

Until your skin microbiome and skin barrier are working well, then irritants and stressors are more likely to irritate.

So if your skincare is not working anymore or your skin is looking for hydration and balance. It might be time to reset your skin with our microbiome prebiotic skincare facial oil formulas.

Take the first step to unlocking your skin’s true potential today with our prebiotic skincare range.

  • Clean Non-toxic

  • Australian Made

  • Vegan

 Prebiotic Restore Face Serum | Facial Microbiome Skincare

Prebiotic Skincare with Microbiome balance FACIAL OIL SERUMS

Prebiotic Skincare Results

Ready to see and feel a difference?

We are not talking about perfection or looking like someone else, we are so not into that.

Simply smoother, softer, calmer, healthier looking skin tone and a purified complexion.

Come future proof without the flare and with the science.

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Get to know your skin microbiome

What is the skin microbiome?

Skin microbiome is a complex system made up of the trillions of microscopic organisms, mostly bacteria, but also fungi, virus and mites that live on and in our skin’s various layers,

The main microbes on the skin are cutibacterium, malezzia, staphylococci, and corynebacteria.

What does the skin microbiome do?

Our skin microbiome is an important part of our overall health and wellbeing.

It plays a vital role in protecting our skin from environmental stressors, as well as helping to regulate our skin’s pH, moisture, and oil levels.

The skin microbiome also plays a major role in the functions of the skin, including hydration, barrier function, sebum control and prevention of inflammation and infections and even UV protection.

Why does the skin microbiome matter to the appearance of my skin?

Science shows that the skin microbiome controls inflammation, hydrates, exfoliates, balances sebum, stabilises the skin barrier, stops the skin drying out, and breaks down to form some of our favourite ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, cholesterol and lactic acid, all in just the right amount at just the right time.

Ultimately it is what keeps our skin looking healthy and prevents premature ageing. 

When it is happy your skin is happy and not red, irritated and inflammed.

The best thing you can do for your skin health and appearance is to have a balanced and happy skin microbiome .

The science of the skin microbiome disrupts the concept of skincare and the skincare industry as we know it but the microbiome is not going anywhere, so it is time to make the changes ourselves.

What is the skin microbiome threshold?

When your skin microbiome is diverse and balanced it sits above the microbiome threshold and the functions of the microbiome are all working and the skin is happy.

When it is not balanced the  functions of the microbiome are not at their best and inflammation, dehydration, barrier impairment and skin disorders jump in. This is called skin microbiome dysbiosis.

Sensitive skin sits right on the microbiome threshold, sometimes in dysbiosis, sometimes not. 

Because the microbiome and the skin barrier are in sync, this means the barrie his also impaired and then toxins and allergens can irritate much more easily.

With our Restore and Calm range we are aiming to move your skin abpve the microbiome threshold with microbiome and barrier care.

I haven't worried about my skin microbiome before, why start now?

If your skin is happy, healthy, not dry or oily and not prematurely ageing then that is a good thing and your microbiome is likely to be diverse and balanced.

Just be aware and respectful, if you do decide to use daily skin products choose ones that respect the skin microbiome so your skin stays that way. 

If your skin is unhappy, inflammed or sensitive the root cause of this will be an imbalance or dysbiosis in the skin microbiome and an impairment in your skin barrier.

Choosing to use products that support and care for your skin microbiome and your skin barrier will be the best thing for you. 

Modern living, over-use of harsh cleansers, pollution, skincare and cosmetics, pesticides, foods, UV, ageing, viruses and bacteria around us , medications, fabrics , our day to day exposure , how much we exercise, even stress can all contribute to variations in our skin microbiome. Ultimately causing variation in inflammation with on our skin and in our bodies. It is strong but fragile , a lot like our bodies. 

Best to be kind to the skin microbiome.

Does everyone have the same microbiome?

Your skin microbiome is unique for you, like your fingerprint. 

Your microbiome knows what your skin needs and how to restore, it is trying to make it happen. 

We just need to give it the tools it needs.

That why we chose prebiotic ingredients that works to build your unique skin microbiome. Feeding selectively the beneficial bacteria that can then the balance we need.

I have oily skin, what should I be using?

Oily skin is also a condition where an upset in the microbiome means we have excess oil production. For you we recommend the combination of our Calming Oil Cleanser, followed by our Prebiotic Restore Minimal Face Oil Serum morning and night, and nothing else but sunscreen and makeup if you need. You will get some improvement straight away but it does take longer to see results visible results with oily skin . The longer you use it the better you will get. Once it has settled then we can talk what you can introduce from your other products. We are here to help, send us an email and we can give you free personalised advice, include what you are currently using, how long you have had the oiliness, your age will help us too. Look forward to hearing from you.

Healthy skin microbiome on the face

What makes theSkinBiotic® skincare different?

There is nothing else like us. We are not the usual replication of cream plus active. We choose better because we know thats what you needed.

At TheSkinBiotic®, we understand the complex relationship between the barrier of your skin and its microbiome. 

We believe these elements play a huge part in keeping your skin healthy, and if they become out of balance it can cause sensitivity and reactivity.

That's why we have become advocates for solutions to reactive and sensitive skin. 

We are Australia's experts on microbiome skincare, and our specialised range of skincare is setting a new higher standard of care for those suffering from problematic skin conditions. 

We use natural ingredients which are gentle but effective at restoring the natural function of your skin, so you can get back looking healthier than ever!

From calming products to the best of Hollywood actives, we have a product for you.

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