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Prebiotic Hand Treatment Serum | For Dry Skin on Hands

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Prebiotic Skincare Hand Treatment Serum : For Dry Skin on the Hands

Dry skin on the hands in tricky but relief is here.

Especially made and expertly formulated for those experiencing stressed, irritated, and sensitive dry skin on their hands.

Chronic Dry and irritated Skin on the Hands Needs Special Care

Unlike regular creams, this innovative serum is designed to provide exceptional hydration, skin biome care, and barrier support.

To not only soothe your dry skin on the hands  but also maintain its tranquility over time.

Why Choose PREBIOTIC HANDS TREATMENT SERUM for your dry hands?

  • Advanced Hydration: Immerse your hands in 100% vegetable-sourced squalane and Vitamin E, ensuring enduring moisture and suppleness.
  • Microbiome & Barrier Care: With a rich blend of prebiotics, this serum nurtures the delicate microbiome of the skin, fortifying its natural defenses and enhancing resilience.
  • Smooth & Restore: Watch the change of your hands as they become smoother, with less  redness and cracking, for a healthy, smooth and soft appearance.
  • Tailored for the Sensitive: Specially designed for people with sensitive, dry skin on the hands. Also for those who frequently wash their hands, use hand sanitizers, or are exposed to harsh chemicals.

Experience the Unique Benefits of Prebiotic Hand Treatment Serum

This serum stands out from regular hand creams with its focus on the skin biome and barrier. Using popular squalane as an active hydrator alongside the power of prebiotics.

It's not just a treatment; it's a revolution in hand care.

Because we want   to bring back the joy in little things for you again. Like wearing your favorite jewelry without the worry of irritation or dry skin on the hands.

Embrace the Calmness

We understand how chronic dry skin on the hands can impact every touch, and every day. 

That's why we've designed. our PREBIOTIC HAND TREATMENT SERUM to bring you not only immediate relief but long-term improvements to the dry skin on your hands.

Say goodbye to dry skin on your hands and hello to confident,  soft and hydrated  hands ready to explore the world.

A Foundation of Health for Your Hands

The health of your skin barrier and its skin biome is like a biological shield against the outside world.

Although, when this dynamic duo is out of balance, your skin's defenses weaken. Also leaving you more vulnerable to toxins and imbalanced  bacteria that can exacerbate skin issues.

Certainly, achieving skin wellness means looking at  the roots of the problem.

Getting Back to Skin Basics - Microbiome and Barrier Care

Our serum's biotics provide a nourishing meal to the good bacteria. This in turn will help them thrive and fortify your skin's barrier.

Although by giving balance, you're not just treating symptoms. You're also building a foundation of health that guards against future flare-ups and irritations.

Remember the simple joys, like putting on delicate rings or enjoying a fresh nail polish, all without worrying about dry skin.

Incorporate Prebiotic Hand Treatment Serum Into Your Daily Self-Care

Ideal for twice daily use, this serum is your ally against the environmental stres and demands of modern life.

Let the rich, hydrating ingredients of our serum get to work. And witness as your hand appearance changes, more moisturised, softer, day after day. Because of the gentle, nurturing power of our prebiotic skin care.


Key benefits

Soothes and calms
Intensive hydration
Microbiome Balance
Skin barrier Care
Skin not only gets calm but stays calm longer
Hander appear smoother, less red, less cracked.


Squalane, Bacillus ferment, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil, Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil.

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How to USE

Apply a few drops to dry hands massaging in well.
Use twice a day or as often as needed.
Perfect after hand washing or using hand sanitiser.

about the brand

At Theskinbiotic, we understand the complex relationship between the barrier of your skin and its microbiome.

We believe these elements play a huge part in keeping your skin healthy, and if they become out of balance it can cause sensitivity and reactivity.

That's why we have become advocates for solutions to reactive and sensitive skin.

We are Australia's experts on microbiome skincare, and our specialised range of skincare is setting a new higher standard of care for those suffering from problematic skin conditions.

Our range of skincare is designed to restore balance to the microbiome and help your skin rebuild its protective barrier.

We use natural ingredients which are gentle but effective at restoring the natural function of your skin, so you can get back looking and feeling healthier than ever!

From calming products to the best of Hollywood actives, we have a product for you.

theSkinBiotic® Prebiotic Hand Treatment Serum for dry skin on  hands
Prebiotic Hand Treatment Serum  for dry skin on the hands
A smear of theSkinBiotic Prebiotic Hand Treatment Serum product for dry skin on the hands
Applying prebiotic hand product on dry skin on the hands


  • Clean / Non-Toxic

    Contains !00% safe ingredients and materials..

  • Ethical

    We manufacture our own products ethically here in Australia and source ingredients from inspiring ethical companies.

  • Sustainable

    We are constantly aiming to improve sustainability with our ingredient choices and purchases, our packaging and our manufacture..

  • Local

    Australian owned. Australian made.


What is my skin microbiome?

Our skin microbiome is a complex system made up of the trillions of microscopic organisms, mostly bacteria, but also fungi, virus and mites that live on and in our skin’s various layers,

The main microbes on the skin are cutibacterium, malezzia, staphylococci, and corynebacteria.

What does the skin microbiome do?

The skin microbiome plays a major role in the functions of the skin, including hydration, barrier function, sebum control and prevention of inflammation and infections.

It helps our skin with protection from pollution, allergens, pathogens, toxins, modern day stressors and even UV radiation​

Why does the skin microbiome matter to the appearance of my skin?

Science shows that the skin microbiome controls inflammation, hydrates, exfoliates, balances sebum, stabilises the skin barrier, stops the skin drying out, and breaks down to form some of our favourite ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, cholesterol and lactic acid, all in just the right amount at just the right time.

Ultimately it is what keeps our skin looking healthy and prevents premature ageing.

The best thing you can do for your skin health and appearance is to have a balanced and happy skin microbiome .

The science of the skin microbiome disrupts the concept of skincare and the skincare industry as we know it but the microbiome is not going anywhere, so it is time to make the changes ourselves.

What is the skin microbiome threshold?

When your skin microbiome is diverse and balanced it sits above the microbiome threshold and the functions of the microbiome are all working and the skin is happy.

When it is not balanced the  functions of the microbiome are not at their best and inflammation, dehydration, barrier impairment and skin disorders jump in. This is called skin microbiome dysbiosis.

Sensitive skin sits right on the microbiome threshold, sometimes in dysbiosis, sometimes not.

Because the microbiome and the skin barrier are in sync, this means the barrie his also impaired and then toxins and allergens can irritate much more easily.

With our Restore and Calm range we are aiming to move your skin abpve the microbiome threshold with microbiome and barrier care.

Does everyone have the same microbiome?

 Your skin microbiome is unique for you, like your fingerprint.

Your microbiome knows what your skin needs and how to restore, it is trying to make it happen.

We just need to give it the tools it needs.

That why we chose prebiotic ingredients that works to build your unique skin microbiome. Feeding selectively the beneficial bacteria that can then the balance we need.

I haven't worried about my skin microbiome before, why start now?

If your skin is happy, healthy, not dry or oily and not prematurely ageing then that is a good thing and your microbiome is likely to be diverse and balanced.

Just be aware and respectful, if you do decide to use daily skin products choose ones that respect the skin microbiome so your skin stays that way.

If your skin is unhappy, inflammed or sensitive the root cause of this will be an imbalance or dysbiosis in the skin microbiome and an impairment in your skin barrier.

Choosing to use products that support and care for your skin microbiome and your skin barrier will be the best thing for you.

Modern living, over-use of harsh cleansers, pollution, skincare and cosmetics, pesticides, foods, UV, ageing, viruses and bacteria around us , medications, fabrics , our day to day exposure , how much we exercise, even stress can all contribute to variations in our skin microbiome. Ultimately causing variation in inflammation with on our skin and in our bodies. It is strong but fragile , a lot like our bodies.

Best to be kind to the skin microbiome.