What is Skin Wellness? A Healthier Approach to Skincare Options.

What is Skin Wellness? A Healthier Approach to Skincare Options.

Michelle Miller

 When we think of buying skincare, stores with beauty counters, bright lights and lots of plastic bottles come to mind. Beautiful looking girls and expensive marketing work cohesively to make us think we will be better with that bottle slathered on our face. When something is profitable and seems to make people happy does it need to be argued with?

Are you fed up with skincare and the options you feel are repetitive and ineffective?  Maybe we need to rethink the approach to caring for our skin, see how the science of the skin microbiome is impacting change in regard to skin wellness  and how it can benefit anyone looking for a healthier approach to skincare. 

What is the actual meaning of Skin Wellness?

The five things that people are looking for when they, for want of a better word "judge" skin wellness are

  • Even Tone 
  • Even Texture 
  • Hydration.
  • Firmness  
  • Smoothness  

Ageing well or skin wellness is making an impact  and with the increased knowledge of skin microbiome science, it is actually changing the way we think about skincare options.

Often in the race to fight wrinkles we do so, at the peril of our skin barrier and skin microbiome.

Which ultimately is more important for our skin and which will give better results? Let’s take a look.

Why is skin wellness important ?

Is it only the benefits in appearance of skin wellness that concerns us or should we care more about our skin wellness for other reasons. 

Our skin actually communicates with 

  • Our systemic immune system
  • Our systemic inflammatory system
  • Regulates our oxidative stress

With our decades of avid cleansing of all bacteria from our bodies and environments, and applying skin creams packed with active ingredients and preservatives, may have left our bodies inflammatory and immune systems confused. 

The skin microbiome helps our body ascertain which of the things that come in contact with our body such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, pollution and pollens , which of these are friend or foe and also communicates how best to respond. If our microbiome or skin barrier is impaired then our response system may also be overactive or impaired. 

Many individuals do not realise the connection our skin microbiome has to the health of our skin and body. 

For skin wellness, the balance and diversity of  our skin microbiome has a significant impact on our skin's appearance, texture, and overall health. 

What is the Actual Meaning of Skin Care? 

Skincare is a form of self care and is culturally embedded in our modern environment, self care is good but if we have new knowledge we should use it when choosing the quantity and quality of products used in skincare.

The use of some chemicals in skincare products can cause skin irritation, inflammation, and allergies. Our skin unlike our gut is not designed for products and many products in the name of wrinkle reduction actually work by breaking the skin barrier, enabling active ingredients to get through to the lower layers. Not all skin reacts to ingredients but  if you have a good barrier and a good microbiome you should still protect it.

If you are one of the sensitive skin family, it is likely that your barrier and skin microbiome need some extra care and it is essential to avoid strong actives, fragrances, alcohol and strong preservatives and opt for gentle skincare products instead and with a thoughtful and deliberate approach.

Prebiotic Restore Facial Oil Serum made by sensitive skin expert brand theSkinBiotic® is a game changer as a different hydration option. Meeting the need for skincare that works with the five things that people are looking for when they want skin wellness for appearance are : even tone, even texture, hydration, firmness, smoothness. It can be added to your normal skincare routine, working for you  as a barrier and microbiome boost or used alone after cleansing as an all-in-one.

The Role of Naturopaths and Pharmacists in Skin Wellness

Naturopaths and pharmacists can play a vital role in guiding people towards a more holistic approach to skin wellness. Find one that specialises in skincare and keeps a good range of practitioner recommended prebiotic skincare. Naturopaths and Pharmacists can recommend dietary changes and supplements to manage skin concerns, while they can also  suggest safe and effective natural skincare products like theSkinBiotic®. Collaborating with these professionals can lead to exceptional skin health results for women with sensitive skin.

Skin wellness is not just about skincare products, but a combination of different lifestyle habits that promote optimal skin health and radiance. A wholesome diet, prebiotic skincare products, stress management, are some of the aspects to consider in holistic skin wellness. As an expert in skincare, I encourage individuals struggling with their skin health to incorporate these practices into their skincare routine for optimal results.