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Can you reset your skin microbiome?

Michelle Miller

Can you reset you skin microbiome ?

This is such an interesting question. And I think something science is still working out but honestly it is not looking likely. 

 So far,  the research is leaning towards the fact that adhering new microbes that are not part the specific ones that you have in you microbiome “fingerprint”  won’t adhere and become part of your natural microbiome.

We may see this altered in the future if new findings come up but for now it is  a no.

So, what we can do is bring about skin microbiome wellness with your current microbiome ?

The skin microbiome is not just bacteria, it is viruses, mites, fungus and bacteria and thats only what we know so far. 

When formulating for the skin microbiome wellness there are two main concerns for me. 

Both of these need to be in place for reset to be successful.


  1. Skincare that respects the microbiome. 


This skin microbiome is an amazing ecosystem designed to keep us well. 

 If you think of when you have fallen over and grazed yourself, how quickly the skin starts its healing process, the way the body communicates, the distinct layers of deliberate healing that happens. It is incredible.

We don’t often stop to think about how exquisite our body works but it is unlike anything man-made and is really incredible. Your body is always trying to heal. It is a delicate ecosystem.

 To realise we have a microbiome and then get probiotics from the research on the gut and throw them in skincare like it is a fragrance is not respecting the microbiome. 

 This is why we are different and why we get different results.

 2.  Prebiotics that are bacteria specific. 

 At the moment we know a lot about the bacterial diversity and the strains on the skin.

Each year and each decade we will know more . 

 Being bacteria specific we can feed gently the beneficial bacteria, ever so slightly, the ones your own skin already has and not feed any fungal, virus or mites. Many prebiotic ingredients in skincare are not so selective.

 Gentle, safe, deliberate and respectful.

 What is the difference with Prebiotics and Probiotics for resetting your skin microbiome?


  • Can you reset your skin microbiome with probiotics ? 

 Well no, there is not a lot of evidence for probiotics actually changing your microbiome, your unique microbiome is too strong.

Probiotic ingredients  can have benefit but once the probiotic is gone your microbiome remains the same.

Prebiotic ingredients are much more beneficial to your skin microbiome.

  •  Can you reset your microbiome with prebiotics?

You can move your unique microbiome to wellness, so that it is diverse and balanced and above the microbiome threshold by feeding the good bacteria.

If wellness is what you are seeking in a reset then I think we can say yes, prebiotics can reset your microbiome to wellness.